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9 Jul

2014-07-08 22:41:42

Dear everyone who came to look at my KANA CHANNEL today,音符
Thank you so much!!!るん

Tomorrow, on July 9th, Wednesday,キラキラ
is the release of my Japan Arena Tour「Love Collection pink & mint」LIVE DVD & Blue-ray Disc !
Today on the KANA CHANNEL, everyone had a chance to watch some small video clips from my live concert♪.・。*
The lovely memories I had with everyone is what makes this this DVDにこ

I think I’m going to enjoy watching this DVD ion my own at my house for quite some time♪lol

And also!!
The next live concert has been decidedキラキラ♪

October 26th (Sunday) and 27th (Monday)~
It’s going to be a「Special Live 」(Name of concert yet to be announced)月
And it’s going to be at the Tokyo International Forum in hall A!星

This fall season is going to be one of the seasons that I put hard work into!へッへッへハート。Hope you’re all excited!!!!!!ハート


Poll Time!

15 Jan

Hi! I was wondering which blogs people are interested in reading translations for! I’m pretty sure Hikari’s blog is what people want to read but are there any other blogs that you would like me to translate? If there are blogs that are not listed in the poll, please comment! Thank you!