Liz Lisa Photo Shoot

16 Jan


Today I did a photo shoot with Liz Lisa’s catalog!

Liz Lisa wanted me to have very light colored hair with super volume curls! It reminded me of an antique doll’s hair style! So I told them that I wanted to wear a wig for the shoot♪ And just like what I wished, I really got to wear a wig! Lol.

The wig really did change my image alot!(´ω`)

They put an extension wig near the back of my head! The extension wig had 2 colors in it and it looked like highlights!

It’s been so long since I last had long hair or highlights! And when I look at the pictures… I sort of wish I still did have long hair( ´∀`)

Mae-Non did the photo shoot together and she got to wear a black wig(´艸`)

Double shot with me and Mae

She’s so cute!

The photo shoot was very early in the morning but since everybody worked together, we finished the shoot 1~2 hours early! So, I’m gonna go home now!

Well, I guess I’m going to stay with short hair for now…!

I hope my hair grows faster!



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