Hikari Replies To Request

16 Jan

Hello everyone!
I’m in a very good mood! o(`▽´)o

If I don’t listen to music… I become really unstable! Lol
Which means that I go insane! When I’m somewhere where there isn’t music I like… it’s really hard for me… Lol

Q. Have you ever tried red highlights for your hair? If so, could you please upload a picture?

A. Yes!

My hair catalogue

Blue, green, pink, light pink, orange, white, gold blonde, gray… These are the colors I’ve previously used!

During my 9th grade year working for “egg” magazine, I used to have red highlights very often!

But I haven’t dyed my hair pure red!


Q. Can you show how to put on your eye makeup?

A. Of course! Lol.

Top fake eyelashes

Rosy Rosa

For the bottom, I use Tsubasa Masuwaka’s fake eyelashes!

A zoom in on my eye so it’s easier to see how I do my makeup!
For my colored contact lenses, I use Kumicky’s!

If you look at my previous Q&A post, you can see which colored lenses I use!
I hope this helps with the picture!

Q. Hikari, where did you get your slim mouth piece?

A.  You can buy the slim  mouth piece at…

any drug store or loft plaza! Let’s slim together!
Q. Can you tell me your foot size? Like… your ankle, legs, etc!

A. Sure! Oh wait! Sorry! I can’t find the measuring tape so when I find it I will upload it!

Q. I would like to ask where you got your tights that you posted on a previous post?

A.Click here! I wrote a post on it before so please read!

But I boughts the tights here:
Kobe Lettuce

Q. If you have a product that you would recommend for beautiful skin, could you please tell me? I would prefer if it was not to pricey! 

A. Yep!
☆ This is about 1,000 yen! it’s called the Barrier Repair from Mandom Beauty!

After you wash your face, you just apply this on your face and that’s it! It makes your skin super soft just like a baby! It has no scent and even if you have delicate skin, it works very nice!

Q. I’m in 8th grade and I don’t have much money but I would like to get a flat stomach! I want a flat stomach by April 23rd if it’s possible… I’m having a school trip!

A. I would recommend to do sit ups every single day! If you gain muscle, then your stomach will become flat plus it’s free! Don’t get lazy because you will never loose weight if you just sit there! I hope you have fun on your trip!

Q. Hikari, after your success on your diet, what do you do on days that your eat too much? Can you tell us what you eat?

A. Sure! What I do when I ate too much… such as if I went to dinner with my friends, I try to eat less calories the next day! If you do so, then you won’t gain weight! I eat diet cookies on my “Low calorie days”

I also eat these: Diet Cookie Site
These cookies are amazing! And they are the rights hardness! The cookies make you chew more so it makes you super full!

Q. Do you know the anime “Card Capture Sakura”? Which character do you like the most in the anime “Gintama”? Do you reply to fan letters?

A. Yep I know that anime! Hmm… favorite character in Gintama… this is too hard! I like Kami-Chan but I also likes Elizabeth! I get a lot of fan letters so I haven’t replied to all of them… I’m sorry! I tried to reply to ones with post stamps but… it’s very hard. Thanks for all the love though! I’m going to keep trying my best☆

Q. Can you tell me a website where you can get cute accessories?

A. Yep! It’s called Curvys! They have tons of cute accesories! So make sure to check it out!

Q. Can you tell me the best diet goods to lose weight for the whole body? And I would prefer if it’s not too pricey!

A. It’s really hard to loose weight in such a short period of time… It took my 4 months to loose my weight and I use the diet items so I won’t gain back all my weight. Well the product that didn’t help me lose weight but made my clothes size go down was Venus Lab! After using it for 1 month, my legs slimmed down 4 cm, and I lost 3 cm on my hips! I also recommend diet cookies!

So my top 3 diet goods are:

1. Diet Cookie

2. Diet Shake

3. Venus Lab

The ranking doesn’t really matter because I like them all!

Q. I want to put a link to your blog on my own blog!
A. Sure~! I hope more people come to read my blog! Lol o(`▽´)o

Bye for now!


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