New Nail

15 Jan

Morning!( ´艸`)

It’s winter but lately it’s really sunny so it feels really nice!
And the weather makes me want to go outside during the day time!

Anyway let’s get to the post

I’m going to show you guys my new nails!

This time when I went to the nail artist, I told told them what I wanted to have for the theme and then we planned out what my nails were going to look like at the end together(´ω`)

Here it is!

It’s too cute!

They changed designs for all 5 nails and the colors are perfect for spring!
They painted my nails with the colors that I’m sure will be popular this spring!
Right Hand

Left Hand

Lately all my nails have been gel nails(´∀`)

When you think about your daily life, it’s so much easier to have real nails rather than fake nails. Lol

And also!
Midori from the nail shop, “Color’s” made a new campaign just for students!

She’s thanking me and my blog for having more student costumers!

←Thank you so much Midori!

From Midori to everyone…

The campaign started from this year!

If you’re a student, you can come as many times, and it can be any design!
Only 9,800 Yen!

You can even get matching nails as me!( ´∀`)

If you go for the first time and tell her you saw the campaign on my blog, you can get your nails done for only 8,800 yen!

Here’s the page you can go to for the campaign!

Click Here


This is too cheap!

If you’re a student and you want your nails done, please check out “Color’s”!

It’s in Shibuya and really easy to go to!


Info on the store

Nail and eye lash extension salon “Color’s”
Home Page

Store Name: “Color ‘ s Blue”


Address:150-0002 Shibuya-Ku Shibuya 3-18-4 Shibuya San Chou-Me Building 3rd floor

※It’s only 2 minutes from East Exist at Shibuya Station!

Weedays 11:00~22:00

Weekends 11:00~20:00


Second Location: “Color’s Pink”

Phone: 048- 940-1343

Address:Saitama 1-12-9 Building Fuu-Tsuki 4th Floor

Even if you’re not a student,

if you tell the salon that you saw this on my blog, they will give you a discount!



I don’t know what I’m going to do today yet…

I will update again!


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