Hikari Shopping Haul

15 Jan



I’m going to upload what I bought!

First is this, Mai and Marimo is also using this product, tights that slim your leg!

But unfortunately I can’t where these at night! It’s too tight around while I’m sleeping…

But! While your wearing these tights, it makes your leg look very skinny!
I bought the simple navy blue color!

There were also polka dots, leopard print, star print… And many more patterns!

Where I put the error is where the head goes… Lol It looks like a flying squirrel.

So cute with the ribbon shaped knitting!

It sort of looks like the knit top I’m wearing in this picture! I think it will look good with an inner top and earthy color coordinate!

I have other things I bought too… But… I didn’t take pictures yet so I will post them later. Oh! Where did I buy these? I bought it from here!
Kobe Lettuce

I like spinach more than lettuce… Haha
The tights and tops are all from Kobe Spinach! Hehehe

Just kidding…

It’s Kobe Lettuce!

Sorry guys for yesterday’s post… I uploaded too many pictures that they it didn’t show up all on the blog… So I will put up less pictures from now on!

I went to eat Ramen with my dad yesterday but my stomach is not so well today… I didn’t even eat the whole thing! I shared with my mom!

So, today I decided to eat low calorie vegetables!

Today’s dinner!
Grilled cheese tomatoes
Warm spinach
Warm peeled edamame
Corn soup
I didn’t eat the orange! I like to eat warm veggies… Because it tastes sweeter!

Okay well that’s it for today! Thank you everyone for visiting!

Bye bye bunny!


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