Hikari Shiina Update

15 Jan

I would love to post pictures from yesterday’s photo shoot but unfortunately I can’t because it’s still not released! So please wait for the release! So Sorry!

I looked thorough all my pictures from yesterday but yeah… They all reveal the photo shoot so I can’t post them now…

But after release, I will post them!

I’ve only had my TV at my house for like 6 months but the screened turned purple! Could it be a virus?!

The people that show on the screen all have purple faces!

It looks like as if the people have been in cold swimming pools and they have purple lips!

So… I got a new TV!

It’s way bigger than the TV that broke so I’m very thankful!

On to the next topico(`▽´)o

I’m gonna reply to all your requests!

Q. Can I have your blog’s banner picture in a bigger size?\(^O^)/

A. Here it is!


Q. Hi Hikari this is my first comment! This might be random but can you tell me what colored contact lenses you use? I want the same one as yours so it would be nice if you could tell me!

A. Sure!

Lately I’ve been using Kumicky’s colored lenses!
Click Here For The Link

It’s the Rose Hip (Pink) lens from the Neko Series
I also recommend the Chocolat (Brown) from the Kuma Series because it makes your face look sweet! For my banner picture on my blog, I’m wearing the Rose Hip lens!

Q. I saw you wearing a little read riding hood coat in a Popteen magazine clothes calender. Could you tell me what brand it is?

A. Oh hello hello! I read your love letter after your question too! Thanks so much! Please continue to support me!(`∇´ゞ Love you! Anyways, the brand of the coat is from Sunshine Ikebukuro’s store called RAVI. This store has so many cute things! If you happen to go to Ikebukuro! Please do visit there! Lalala!
Q. Where did you get the pink coat from when you were hanging out with Oka Eri?

A. That coat is from Ank Rouge! Ank Rouge’s coat is so cute! It reminds me so much of Eri! Lol
Q. Hikari, when you tie your hair in curls then tie them in double pig tail style, do you curl your hair first? Or do you curl your hair after you separate your hair?

A. Hehe! When my hair stylist or when my mom curls my hair, they always curl my hair before tying. But when I do the hair style myself, I curl my hair after I tie them. It’s much easier when I curl afterwards.

Q. Can you upload pictures of your bunny hair style when you have it curled and also when you have straight hair? 

A. Okay!

I curl and curl and become Kuru Kuri Hikarin!

Straight Ranger Hikarin!

Q. Can you upload a picture of you with no heels?

A. Okay!

Q.Hikari, I really admire you because you look good with both sweet style clothes and rock style clothes. How can I wear rock style clothes in a cute way? Can you upload pictures of your rock style outfits and makeup? I would really love to use them as an inspiration!

A. I feel comfortable wearing rock style clothes more than sweet clothes… Hehe I like sweet clothes and rock style but I use rock items such as accessories even when I swear sweet clothes. Like my bag would be rock style… Hahaha…I feel so much more comfortable that way! And if my nails are rock style, I might make my makeup super sweet style. I would recommend putting in a bit of soft taste makeup with rock style clothing. It will look cute! If your school rules require you to have certain hair styles, you could use a wig or for accessories, you could use a choker necklace, regular necklace, or a bracelet. And you could even add a bag, or bangles.

All items from “Glad News”!

I got this skull knit online!

And here’s what my makeup looks like!

Even when my clothes are all full of skull pattern, I use soft curls for my hairstyle to make a more girly look!

That’s it for today! I will upload more later! Oops I uploaded too much pictures! Must delete some! Ahh! I wonder if all the pictures showed up!?

Anyways more will be up later! Bye bye!


2 Responses to “Hikari Shiina Update”

  1. Mio-chan July 3, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    Oh Hikari you look so cool and cute at the same time I rely like your stayel also your hair I hop se you with cute picture in the next month

    • Mio-chan July 3, 2012 at 8:57 am #

      Oh hikarie I love your stayel so much because you look cute and cool at the same time and I rely like your hairstayel to I hop see you with cute pictures next month

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