My Skin Routine

15 Jan

Sorry for a late post!(´ω`)

I’m finally able to write a post on skin care

Products I usually use are…


It’s called Rice Force!

My makeup artist recommended this to me so now I use it everyday

It keeps my skin moist so it’s so helpful for winter

What I usually use for skin care are the Rice Force products shown above,

skin toner lotion,



and lastely an Ion Steaming Nano Care

~My morning routine~

①I take a bit of skin toner lotion on the palm of my hands

and gently pat it on my face.

②I pat on a a little toner lotion but very lightly

※My skin feels soft already even just with the skin toner lotion

③Next I take the lotion and gently press on my face with my finger

For the forehead, 3 dabs

Both cheeks also 3 dabs

For the nose 1 dab

And lastly 1 last dab on the chin

Now spread the lotion all around your face.

④Now pat your face lightly again with the palm of your hands

and when your face feels very moist,

Go on to your foundation routine and your done with your makeup!

~My night routine~

※When you keep your face very moist at night,

your skin will feel much better in the morning(・ω・)

①I keep my iron steaming nano care on while I do my night skin routine!
②Soak a cotton facial pad in skin toner lotion
and use the cotton facial pads as a home made face mask and put the pads on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and keep them on your face for 10~15 minutes.
③After that, put the skin toner lotion on the palm of your hands and pat with your hands onto your face.

④Now mix the serum and lotion together
※Put on your face as you did for the morning routine

We’re done!

This is what I do daily!

If I put on products that I’m allergic to, my skin does not look good…

If you have skin that tends to get dry, try using products that is extra moist

and if your skin is very sensitive, try to use natural products.

Experiment many products and when you find the right products for you, I’m sure you will have very good skin(´ω`)

I’m sorry if my explanations wasn’t that good

I forgot to say but…

I changed the banner of my blog

Yup! That’s pretty much itヽ(´▽`)/


Okay, well I will write a post on nail art soon(^_-)

Bye bye!


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