Mizukitty Official Blog☆2011/04/06 08:42

7 Apr

I’m currently on my way to a false lash photoshoot
Really excited(^o^)/


But anyways

Yesterday I got to go to the hair salon that I couldn’t go to for a long time

Kazu did my hair as usual

I’m very thankful that my hair turns out nice everytime so thanks so much!!

My hair color faded out again




It became way darker than before

Kazu made it so that when this color fades out,

the new color will become a milk tea like beige color!!

And my  hair extensions are less than before and also shorter

And I also got to have highlights

It has a very spring feeling to it so I like it very much

Kazu-san thank you very much(ノ><)ノ

Kazu-san had pollen allergies… more than me
Please take care(><)

Here is~RISEL~Site
For more information
↓Click here↓
Risel Site Click Here

※Info about the price
If you don’t get shampoo or blowdry then
1000 yen cheaper(゜∇゜)

xoxo’s place

←Please click here

For a reservation call here↓

And by the way

If you tell them you saw my blog about the salon,

they will give you a 10% off price! (without the hair extention)(゜∀゜ノ)ノ

I’m interested in Sticker extentions

※And FYI because I cut my hair very short this time,

I am wearing about 70 hair extentions for more volume!!

I want to become a Gyaru!

So everyone go to Risel if you want to have the perfect hairstyle you desire

I really recommend it

Later then

I’m going to work hard today!


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