Mizukitty Official Blog☆2011/04/05 14:55

7 Apr

Today when I was in Shibuya,

as I got off the train I saw this


Koyamauchi-san told me but all the Popteen members are in it

I wonder if anyone else saw it!!

But it still feels weird(>_<)

Here is today’s fashion

Top:From a shop thats on the left side right after you enter the store


Bottom:I forgot where but it’s from a store in Kichijyoji




And my hair

I took out my hair extensions so it’s short

Only for today though (lol)

I look very different from when I’m not wearing my extensions

Oh and I forgot to show my nails

Right hand

Left hand


I got them done at Colors again

I love it so much

Everyone said it’s cute

Thank you Midori-san for painting them

↓Here is more detailed information about Colors
Read below↓


Tokyo Shibuya-ku Shibuya3-18-4

Shibuya 3chou-me building 3rd floor

※It’s about a 2 minute walk from the East Shibuya station exit(*^o^*)

Weekdays 11:00~22:00

Weekends 11:00~20:00

(Phone Number) For a reservation

Hope you will like it(^o^)/

※ You can also get a price reduction from the previous nail art

And you can go to their home page on the top of my blog

I will write again!


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