Mizukitty Official Blog*2011/04/02 19:53

3 Apr

Kae-pyon and I are good friends

I couldn’t hang out with her for a while

so I was sad but yesterday

I got to do a photo shoot on the same day as her so I was very happy
I can never stop laughing when I am with Kae-pyon

\So fun/

And Kae-pyon is also
\Super fun/


Ryo-kun, who is next to me

keeps calling me

Hey frog,

Hey marshmallow,

Hey manju (Japanese sweet cakes)

But still,
He’s very nice so I can forgive him(lol)

I can never get mad at the Popteen members I love


But anyways,

today’s photoshoot was the first swim suit shoot of the year!!!!
I thought they made a mistake in the schedule by having a swim shoot this month


I got to do the all the photo shoots with Kumicky so it was very fun(^w^)
Today I was also with Kumicky

Kumi-chan is so nice, I love her!!!!

And after the shoot, Popteen gave Kumi-chan and I fancy sweets

It looks so tasty so Kumi-chan and I got super excited(*^o^*)

Thank you so much for doing this for us


But anyways, today I am headed for Kyoto on the Bullet train
I’m going to Kyoto for work and I get to stay there for a few days!!


Anyways, until Nakamura-kun comes, I think I will wait at a cafe

I ate a Macha-Parfait (Green tea parfait)


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