Tsubasa Masuwaka Official Blog*2011-04-01 00:46:05

1 Apr

At the moment, the Palty’s new commercial song is playing

The new commercial is for the Palty foam pack hair color

And I got to be in the commercial with the famous K-Pop stars, KARA♪

But the dates we film the commercial is different so I never got to meet them(>_<)

So sad…

So yah, I filmed the commercial by myself~

The costume I wore for the commercial is the same as the Hair color box, Rojita★

My makeup and my costume got tidied up,

The directors were pretty strict about the angle of the filming,

how the foam showed on video,

and how I was suppose to apply the hair color, my facial expressions and such,

And then the final filming!

I think you saw this scene in the commercial?

We also took a different version with me wearing a cape

And finally I applied the foam on my hair

and we filmed then finished!

After I finished, KITA did my hair and make, and also washed my hair…

It was super funny lol

KITA used to be a hair stylist
so he was good at shampooing lol

Finally fresh

Thank you so much everyone

If you are thinking about coloring your hair at home,

you should try Palty’s foam pack series

and change your hair color for spring, and have fun

It’s really soft

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, you can view it on your computer

Click here↓

Click here for the Palty commercial

Today is the first day of April

Am I the only one who is really excited?






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