Mizukitty Official Blog*011/04/01 08:31

1 Apr

Today’s photo shoot was with

Hikari, Haruko, Kumi-chan, Rui-chan, and Arisa-chan(`∇´

Us Popteen models are really good friends so it’s always really fun

I took a lot of pictures with Haruko so I will upload it(^o^)/

Pictures I take with Haruko are always funny pictures

But I still like Gori-Haru (Gorilla Haruko)

←Hikari made the nick name lol

But Haruko herself said, “Doesn’t this picture of me look like a Gorilla?” lol

She is still cute as a Gorilla though

I also took a picture with Kumi-chan too

Next to Kumi-chan was

the cute Rui-chan and Chokon was sitting together

Picture with Rui-chan

It was very fun(ノ><)ノ

I, Mizukitty is very happy to have such a fun life

\I’m so thankful for everyday/

And my fans who support me,

thank you very very very much(>_<)


And it’s been a while but today’s shoot is just by myself

Hikari kept on saying

“Mizuki I love you” lol

Well I’m with Hikari now so we will have lots more fun

I will try my best(*^o^*)

See you guys later then





One Response to “Mizukitty Official Blog*011/04/01 08:31”

  1. steven j April 17, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Wow Wow Wow love from london

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