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Hikari Shiina Official Blog☆2011/04/06 22:49

7 Apr

Today I got to be on the Nico-Nico video site live show~
Did anyone watch it???

I have a Popteen circle lens campaign announcement for Shinai Narumi-chan(^^ゞ

The new issue of Popteen will have I, Hikari as the image model of the circle lens~!!


And because of this campaigne, if you buy the lens from Popteen magazine,

then you can buy it for a super cheap price!!((゚Д゚ll))

It’s a limited time only so buy it now!

Color lenses are really safe too

Buy it before it sells out(//△//)

↓This is only the regular site for
ancon so if you want to buy it cheap then you need the barcode from Popteen

↑The campaign is on the Popteen magazine of this month so get this barcode!

My favorites are the black lenses and the brown lenses( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )

Brown eyed Hikari

Black eyed Hikari

I will update again tomorrow

I’m on the train right now

Tomorrow I will have a Popteen shoot from the after noon and I will do my best

So everyone do your best too!!

Love you!

I love people too much!!


Hikari Shiina Official Blog☆2011/04/05 18:51

7 Apr

A continuous post of the pervious haul post

A lotion from Paul&Joe
and some other lotions

I love these reusable face soaps

Face peeling soap soap lotion from Ettusais

I heard it’s very good for delicate skin and makes your skin glow(//△//)

Herb sheet for tired days

A vanilla incense set

I use it alot! But the one in the box is my first time use

I bought it without looking at the price and I was surprised to see that it was 840 yen!!


It must be a celebrity scent (lol)

I bought more stuff so I will post it later o(>▽<)o

So be patient!

Hikari Shiina Official Blog☆2011/04/04 21:41

7 Apr

There was a photo shoot today!

It was at 109 (Shibuya)

We got to wear high school-like uniforms

It was really fun

I forgot to upload things I bought lately so I will update on that right now(//△//)

A basket bag from Cecil McBee
Lots of stuff can fit in it

Another basket bag from Cecil McBee(ノ>▽<)ノ
The ribbon is very cute

A Union Jack (England Flag)

and skull hand bag

The handles are long so I think it is easy to use

A skull and heart blanket

When I travel I can take it incase I get cold

I will go take some Purikura so I will post those up soon

I didn’t upload all of the things I bought so I will post more of that so I hope you are excited!!!!

Love you guys


Mizukitty Official Blog☆2011/04/06 18:56

7 Apr



I am actually going to be on the World News

4hour special from 7 o’clock tonight

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting many blog posts lately

but I hope you will enjoy the show

My mom said she will make sure to record the show so I can watch it later


I will write again later~

Mizukitty Official Blog☆2011/04/06 08:42

7 Apr

I’m currently on my way to a false lash photoshoot
Really excited(^o^)/


But anyways

Yesterday I got to go to the hair salon that I couldn’t go to for a long time

Kazu did my hair as usual

I’m very thankful that my hair turns out nice everytime so thanks so much!!

My hair color faded out again




It became way darker than before

Kazu made it so that when this color fades out,

the new color will become a milk tea like beige color!!

And my  hair extensions are less than before and also shorter

And I also got to have highlights

It has a very spring feeling to it so I like it very much

Kazu-san thank you very much(ノ><)ノ

Kazu-san had pollen allergies… more than me
Please take care(><)

Here is~RISEL~Site
For more information
↓Click here↓
Risel Site Click Here

※Info about the price
If you don’t get shampoo or blowdry then
1000 yen cheaper(゜∇゜)

xoxo’s place

←Please click here

For a reservation call here↓

And by the way

If you tell them you saw my blog about the salon,

they will give you a 10% off price! (without the hair extention)(゜∀゜ノ)ノ

I’m interested in Sticker extentions

※And FYI because I cut my hair very short this time,

I am wearing about 70 hair extentions for more volume!!

I want to become a Gyaru!

So everyone go to Risel if you want to have the perfect hairstyle you desire

I really recommend it

Later then

I’m going to work hard today!

Mizukitty Official Blog☆2011/04/05 14:55

7 Apr

Today when I was in Shibuya,

as I got off the train I saw this


Koyamauchi-san told me but all the Popteen members are in it

I wonder if anyone else saw it!!

But it still feels weird(>_<)

Here is today’s fashion

Top:From a shop thats on the left side right after you enter the store


Bottom:I forgot where but it’s from a store in Kichijyoji




And my hair

I took out my hair extensions so it’s short

Only for today though (lol)

I look very different from when I’m not wearing my extensions

Oh and I forgot to show my nails

Right hand

Left hand


I got them done at Colors again

I love it so much

Everyone said it’s cute

Thank you Midori-san for painting them

↓Here is more detailed information about Colors
Read below↓


Tokyo Shibuya-ku Shibuya3-18-4

Shibuya 3chou-me building 3rd floor

※It’s about a 2 minute walk from the East Shibuya station exit(*^o^*)

Weekdays 11:00~22:00

Weekends 11:00~20:00

(Phone Number) For a reservation

Hope you will like it(^o^)/

※ You can also get a price reduction from the previous nail art

And you can go to their home page on the top of my blog

I will write again!

Mizukitty Official Blog*2011/04/02 19:53

3 Apr

Kae-pyon and I are good friends

I couldn’t hang out with her for a while

so I was sad but yesterday

I got to do a photo shoot on the same day as her so I was very happy
I can never stop laughing when I am with Kae-pyon

\So fun/

And Kae-pyon is also
\Super fun/


Ryo-kun, who is next to me

keeps calling me

Hey frog,

Hey marshmallow,

Hey manju (Japanese sweet cakes)

But still,
He’s very nice so I can forgive him(lol)

I can never get mad at the Popteen members I love


But anyways,

today’s photoshoot was the first swim suit shoot of the year!!!!
I thought they made a mistake in the schedule by having a swim shoot this month


I got to do the all the photo shoots with Kumicky so it was very fun(^w^)
Today I was also with Kumicky

Kumi-chan is so nice, I love her!!!!

And after the shoot, Popteen gave Kumi-chan and I fancy sweets

It looks so tasty so Kumi-chan and I got super excited(*^o^*)

Thank you so much for doing this for us


But anyways, today I am headed for Kyoto on the Bullet train
I’m going to Kyoto for work and I get to stay there for a few days!!


Anyways, until Nakamura-kun comes, I think I will wait at a cafe

I ate a Macha-Parfait (Green tea parfait)